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Websites, Ecommerce, Branding and Software

Third Dimension develops bespoke software applications, effective websites and Ecommerce applications and can provide website hosting, domain registration and search engine optimisation. Part of our service can include full branding support, such as logo design, letterheads, brochure and advertisement design and production.

We understand that any development can be a daunting experience, especially if you are wary of technology.  It can be time consuming and it is tempting to rush into a design without a full analysis of your requirement.

Our process for all development involves a number of stages, whether for websites or bespoke software applications.  We liken these stages to building a house:  specification, plans, development, testing, publication, training, promotion and maintenance.

Our aim is to ensure you are fully involved during the project, yet make is as painless as possible.

The publication of your website is just the beginning.  For a website to be effective it is essential that it is maintained regularly. There is nothing worse than visiting a website which is out of date, or has spelling errors. 

Your website is a business tool and we understand that you need the flexibility to use it to win more business.  All of our websites are developed with a full, bespoke Content Management System, which is web-based and available at any time.  You can therefore edit the website when you want to – no need to wait for website developer availability, and at no extra cost, designed for managers rather than “techies”.


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