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Stressed out? Struggling to cope? This DVD should help.  What's Happening to Me is an audio-visual DVD© lasting about 25 minutes. It can either be watched online, downloaded or is available as a hard copy DVD©.

Why should you use it when there is so much out there on Stress, Depression, Anxiety, coping etc,?

The author, Dr Tony Steele-Perkins, has been struck and saddened by the lack of basic knowledge and understanding of how the human brain works when reacting to life stress events, and the thoughts and feelings associated with this. Often individuals really are frightened that they are losing control and hence "what's happening to me?" is a very real worry in these circumstances.

Whats Happening to Me?
Whats Happening to Me?
Whats Happening to Me?
Whats Happening to Me?

Their integrated team approach fitted my rather specialist needs in achieving this in a timely, focussed and supportive way.

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