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Every business and organisation is confronted with the challenge of creating and maintaining satisfying relationships with customers. When executed correctly the result is value for both the customer and the business.

Marketing using electronic media achieves maximum impact for minimal cost. Third Dimension can help you maximize your marketing opportunities with the following:

Your own Website

The Internet is obviously an important medium for extending the marketing envelope for any business. Initially, a business can have a website which is essentially just an extension of its brochure with details of the company, its products and its services. This provides a convenient reference for customers and suppliers alike.

Websites enable a business or organisation to provide their clients with latest news and information, which would be expensive to provide using other means.


Long gone are the days when a business can rely on customers returning on their own accord. Emailing customers encouraging them to visit your website is extremely effective, especially if you target your customers strategically (see Strategic Marketing).

Mobile phones

New technology often brings fresh marketing opportunities. The latest trend is to target customers via mobile phone. Just like an email, an SMS message can inform and also encourage customers to purchase from you, especially when you consider that most people will read an SMS straight away.

As well as enabling you to send SMS messages, Third Dimension develop bespoke software for mobile phones. This is an untapped area by many businesses that has huge marketing potential.


People these days experience such high quality media on TV, and at the movies, that they expect the same polish on their computer. Third Dimension knows how to impact your customer with the same broadcast quality video, animation and audio they have come to expect.

Delivering media on disc gives all computer users an instant access experience, whereas delivering broadcast quality media via the Internet is only available for people with a fast broadband connection.

Strategic Marketing

Information based on a customer’s purchasing history, membership type and website usage etc. can help a business target customers more effectively. For example: new customers could be encouraged to return by offering them one-off incentives, and long-term customers could be offered reward schemes.

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